Outsourcing and International Consulting

Costa Solutions originated with the intention to help companies in the US find reliable partners overseas. In business for over 7 years now, we have stories of success and accomplishment to share with our partners. As our name states, we are here to help you find solutions. Whether your necessity is to find lower cost raw material, parts, equipments or even products for resale, we can definitely help you. In some cases, companies have been able to cut their product cost by up to 38%; a great increase in profits and more competitiveness because your product will cost less in the market. And we promise: quality guaranteed.

If you already have a great supplier but are looking for new markets, we can also help. We have trustworthy partners in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Ghana, Nigeria and China that can develop a business plan and help you get into these huge consumer markets. Our team will accompany you through all the process to help you get in touch with other companies and partners to represent you and your business in these countries.
Opportunities are everywhere!!! Make you brand internationally known and increase your profits. Call us or email us now!!!
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